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August 22, 2017

Works in Lunch time – Bags MD Post of SBI

Mysore – May 27, 2017 : Vexed with the cheek in mouth bashings of ”lunch k baad” from friends and foes alike, a  Probationary Officer (P.O.) took the initiative of turning the tables on their faces, literally.

Mr. Veera Venkata Vara Prasad, who has been accustomed to have lunch breaks 3 times a day during office hours, had a hard time getting back in line. Recently, he started working in the lunch hours of the bank on a daily basis (excluding 2 and 4 Saturdays and Sundays) determined to prove all of them wrong.

VVV Prasad, who recently joined the Bank as a P.O. in Jan 2017, had been facing quite an embarrassment from his friends and foes alike questioning the Bank’s ability to working efficiently. The Mallya factor has become an icing on cake to him (or should we say, chilli on wounds). He had become a laughing stock in any party or meetings, tagged with the famous hashtag “#LunchKBaad”.

This unusual feat of working during lunch hours has sent tremors across the organization so much so that CEO Arundhati Choudary had personally called Prasad to congratulate him on his new promotion as Managing Director (Customer Service). Apparently, he said he was busy with work and has no time for such trivial things.

Speaking on this unprecedented event , Branch manager Mr. Kapil Sharma said, “This is the highest achievement that anyone has achieved in such a short time after perhaps Sasikala’s elevation as AIADMK president.”

Now, every employee seems to be taking an example out of him and is waiting for a similar promotion which may not however be possible owing to limited MD vacancies. As far as TF is concerned, the future can only be speculated as there is a long weekend in near future.