Trump attributes rising atmospheric temperature to Charizard - TrulyFaking
August 22, 2017

Trump attributes rising atmospheric temperature to Charizard


Washington: In an apparently well thought off decision, Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Paris accord citing climate change to be hoax. He says he saw many research films in the past one year and the reason for rising global temperature is clear, “Charizard has been at the forefront of this change and I’ve seen this personally on the ground too through Pokémon Go. This lil b**** never listens to his trainer” he tweeted.

He urged the world nations in a motivational tweet saying, “Only if Ash could handle his Pokémon well, can this disaster be managed. We need to combat this collectively” and asked the world nations to find more water Pokémon. While there many detractors of this statement like RK Pachauri, Elon Musk etc., Gary of pallet city, known to world only as a recurring anime character seems to agree with the view.

Trump concluded his speech saying,” These science guys cannot even predict rain in the ongoing cricket tournament accurately, how can anyone take their words for global warming. If you want to know more about global warming, I suggest you start from season 1.”