At times too much yummy kills - TrulyFaking
July 21, 2017

At times too much yummy kills

A Nit student killed his friend for posting all the yummy food stuff in whatsapp group that he was having in abroad that to during odd times in India

Thy both did their ug from a renowned institution of national importance and they had their own ways after that one doing ms in usa and the other software engineer in chennai

They both were food lovers and the one in usa use to cook different types of food stuff nd use to post them in their colg Whatsapp group

He use to tempt his friends who were about to sleep with those pics

Software engineer asked him not to post those stuff during odd times

But his friend didn’t listen to him

One day he finally decided to end this

He applied for passport nd thn visa he took leave and left to usa and then this shit happened