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August 22, 2017

Innovative startup that sells used guitars and Axe deodorants online

Gurgaon: In a recent turn of events, there have been a mushrooming number of startups, but none that comes close to the innovation of Samrat Fekeja. Samrat hailing from south Bombay, has recently started a website that sells used guitars and Axe deodorants online.

When inquired about the not so common thought, Samrat said that all the products available were actually used by him to get a girlfriend but of no avail. He also said that the foreseeable future of Startups paints a very rosy picture both for Youth of India and the society at large; to quote his words, “Startup is the new hip, YO!!”. He is also said to know some words like Startup India and Digital India, which he says provoked him towards this startup.

Samrat is a well-connected man in business sphere with many graduation friends who till date call him on a daily basis, to which our close sources told that it was only to ask for the money that he owes. He had previously worked in a college rock band as a guitar replacement and is active on Tinder.

When asked about any message that he would like to give the youth of today, Samrat said “Change is the key to success, you have to keep changing, reinventing yourself to the world. Be it playing guitar, bathing in Axe or a startup, you have to do whatever it takes to achieve your life goal.”

Apparently, Samrat has also made a Business card that says, “I’m the CEO, ***ch”.