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August 22, 2017

ICC announces brand ambassadors for each team ahead of Champions Trophy 2017

Dubai: With the beginning of the 8th edition of ICC Champions trophy today, top eight teams in the ICC ODI Championship rankings will be contesting for the trophy. In light of this, ICC has announced a list of ambassadors who would be representing the teams. People who are perfect in every way to represent the respective cricket teams as an ambassador.

BangladeshDonald Trump

No one really knows, how they are where they are. Known for passing immature comments which finally end up as memes on social media.

PakistanRam Gopal Varma

Once known for their talent. Have become shit off late. But can never be ruled out of competition for they are known for their unpredictability.

South AfricaKarna

Has infinite potential to win any game. Sadly, couldn’t perform when it really matters. Chokers

Sri LankaWolverine

Once a dreaded one, have become old and weak these days. Known for unleashing berserker mode in boss battles.

New ZealandIrrfan khan

Loved by all for their talent.Can take away any game when it is their day. The good guy who always finishes last.

EnglandRanbir Kapoor

Comes from a family that has huge background in their respective fields. Not performing upto the expected levels. Still a hot contender.

AustraliaShah Rukh Khan

Talented. Was a consistent performer, struggling to replicate consistency these days. Arrogant, but doesn’t let that come in way of their successes.


Known for delivering blockbusters. Makes mistakes sometimes. Nevertheless, has an eternal and enormous fan base.