'Badass News Portal' Awardee is back with a BANG! - TrulyFaking
August 22, 2017

‘Badass News Portal’ Awardee is back with a BANG!

Hyderabad, May 27, 2017 –

After a brief hiatus, TrulyFaking is back. But it comes with a crown on head. TrulyFaking has been ranked number 1 in the recently published Alexa rankings of 2017. As you all know, TrulyFaking was shut down by an executive order when it correctly predicted America’s fate in 2016.

In a world obsessed with Arnab Goswamis, TrulyFaking has been making bold strides since its incorporation in 1832 and publishing its first article on the brewing conflict in the kingdom of Jhansi.

In retrospect, we have come a long way since then, be it the coverage of America’s attempts of restoring “peace” in Vietnam or Pakistan’s pathetic bids at beating India in wars or CWCs.

We, the TrulyFaking team, don’t hesitate to admit that we are proud of these three DAMNNN moments among others in our TF journey.

DAMNN : The very beginning; we the kids fresh from England after studies wanted to disseminate the knowledge from different sources. We were overwhelmed when we amassed our first 2M followers on Instagram. It was really a proud day when JB dubsmashed with our gang at Chandini Chowk.

DAMNNN : The sudden nosedive. It was said Sticks and Stones are only thrown at Fruit-bearing Trees, TF known worldwide for its fruits of undoctored news with uncompromising set of policies has irked some powerful individuals causing some sleepless nights. The executive order came soon after resulting in eventual ban.

DAMNNNNNN: The resurrection of Phoenix. This truth thirsty hound is born again. Bigger, badder, hungrier this time. So folks, buckle up, you are signing up for an not so exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations &outright lies being broadcast by a principled showman masquerading as a TF.

Thanking its Audience for their unconditional love and loyalty towards TF. Hereby, proudly announcing the re-launch of TrulyFaking, by quoting our favourite line by Chris Nolander, “why do we fall, Bruce?”

*BGM starts, curtain rises, crowd goes wild*